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Vincent Valentine, Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan and Annie: One model 4 different images

5/31/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Alyson Tabbitha came back for round two. This time Danica Rockwood and David Love shot pics for Vincent Valentine, Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan and Annie from Attack on Titans. One model 4 different images.

Final images:

Vincent Valentine, Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan and Annie

The lighting setup:

Jack Sparrow Full Costume behind the scenes photoshoot

About Jack Sparrow Full Costume

I have had so many people ask me how I made my Jack Sparrow costume or where I bought it, so I decided to sit down and guide you through it! I know when I first started my Jack sparrow costume I was really overwhelmed, and I know many people that feel the same.
Despite not recording the process of this video, I really tried to break it down and be as informative as I could. I truly hope this helps! - explain Alyson Tabbitha -

About David Love:

Danica Rockwood and David Love have teamed up to put out some exciting content. Image breakdowns, timelapse videos and tutorials for those wanting to learn photography. Let's Get Connected: Website  

Text, image and video via David Love

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