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How Was the Impossible Project's I-1 Camera Made?

6/04/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

When Polaroid announced that it would cease production of its film for Polaroid cameras in 2008, instant photography fans were stunned. It was then that the Impossible Project was founded. The company’s first order of business was to buy up all of Polaroid’s machinery, lease a factory, and then begin manufacturing the film once again. For enthusiasts, this was a blessing. Impossible Project made it possible for new and old photography buffs to easily delve into analog instant photography.


Fast forward to 2016 and Impossible Project has developed its first camera. “With the I-1, we really had the chance to design an instant camera for 2016 and we wanted to do that rather than do a nostalgic reissue,” says Impossible’s CEO Oskar Smolokowski. The minimal design leaves only what’s necessary, making way for a simple and sleek instant camera perfect for modern day.

Check out the HYPEBEAST TV Process above to learn more about the company and its flagship device.

Text, image and video via HYPEBEAST

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