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Orthography Poor Project: What Germans understand if you said Jetlag

6/05/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

" Orthography Poor". Written by Mario Andreya

Today we have the pleasure to feature " Orthography Poor". Written by Mario Andreya (website), we hope you enjoy with this story

German orthography with all of it´s specifics is a difficult subject. For foreigners and also for native speaking german people. And it didn´t get easier when we get the spelling reform in 2004 when they invented different diction for one word.

But what will happen, when words from other language join the german language? The famous comedian Otto Waalkes from east frisia made a great series of gags in the eighties. The Deutsche Bahn is also infamous for their public announcements, but also some politicians reveal that they got no clue about correct pronunciations of foreign language.

And because there is a bunch of words from other languages we use in our german language (we call this “eingedeutscht” I decided to make a project about it. I show you my free work called “Orthography poor” with the first pictures for the word “Jetleck*”.

*Jetlag – with our pronunciation it sounds like “Jetleck” what means to lick a jet.

This article and all the images were originally published on Mario Andreya´s blog (here) and shared with his permission.

About Mario Andreya:

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