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Skin Retouching (Healing & Frequency Separation) With Photoshop

6/18/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This is part 3 of Nathaniel Dodson´s  Photoshop series “HOW TO RETOUCH”. This tutorial will focus on how to retouch skin and the right way to smooth skin and remove blemishes like acne or scars from the skin of your subject.

They will use a method called frequency separation to split the colors and details apart in our image and lend additional power to our healing/cloning brushes as we heal away blemishes in the skin. Our frequency separation will allow us to copy the texture from different parts of the skin, but not the colors. This will allow us to get very smooth skin that still has texture and also has beautiful color as well.

00:53 Getting started
01:26 Creating the layers
01:42 Blurring the skin
02:43 Applying the image
05:02 Healing
07:03 Healing the colors
10:06 Flatten color/light
12:55 Bonus: Contrast/Sharpness Trick w/ Frequency Separation

Pick up his image retouching tutorial package ($27) right here:

Download Frequency Separation action on the written tutorial! Here:

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I’m Nathaniel Dodson and I’ve been running since September of 2006. I am a young web designer and celebrity-style portrait photographer. Let's Get Connected: 

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