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How To Get Great Sound With Facebook live using a $15 gadget

7/12/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Our friend Udi from has a new video tutorial about how with a cheap solution he get great sound with this simple setup they use for their facebook live feeds.

If you’ve ever tried doing a facebook live session you know that using your phone’s onboard microphone really sucks. Here is how we solved this problem with a $15 cable from rode.

Of course, we do assume that you have a microphone capable of producing great sound (we are using Rode’sFilmmaket kit). So it is not $15 for great sound, it is extra $15 to bring your (already awesome) sound into your smartphone or tablet live broadcast. The cable is called Rode SC4, and it converts DSLR microphones into smartphone and tablet microphones.

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About Udi Tirosh:

Udi Tirosh is a professional photographer based in Israel. His photography was featured in news outlets, but his passion lies with photographing families, and portraiture work. A father of three, and a relentless entrepreneur, he invented the Bokeh Masters Kit and The Light Blaster.
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