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How to Use Light Direction to Emphasize Details in your Apparel/Garments

7/27/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Natural daylight has one main direction, dictated by the position of the Sun. Replicate this by altering the balance between individual lights in your setup.

Great lighting brings out the best in your products and shows off your nice styling.A versatile lighting setup should be arranged symmetrically around the product area giving you consistency in color, detail and freedom to make adjustments.

By altering the balance between the individual lights in your setup, you can achieve dramatically different styles.When combined with diffusers and reflectors, your creative possibilities become almost infinite.
Zoom in to showcase texture and details like stitching, buttons and zippers.

Host: Matt Brasier
Videographer: Alex Buhl
Art Direction & Animation: Emmanouel Ioannidis
Photo equipment: StyleShoots

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