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The Life of a Viral Photographer

7/27/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

There were a lot of amazing photos that came out of Winter Storm Jonas. But whether you called it Jonas or just The Blizzard of the Year, one thing is certain: the photo that has been shared more than any other captured during the blizzard has to be Blizzard Snow Storm in NYC by Michele Palazzo, AKA @streetfauna.

In one incredibly artistic frame, this shot captured the harrowing conditions that Jonas produced at one of the most iconic locations on Earth, the Flatiron building in NYC.

Plenty of people have shared this shot across the Internet all over the world and made this shot an Icon that went viral for over 3 weeks.

In this highlight version, Michele tells the story behind this shot, what happened after and how many incredible coincidences are connected to it. But most important of all, how a photo becomes viral and what to expect in those crazy days!

Full Version

\Michele Palazzo, @streetfauna on Instagram

Text, image and video via B and H

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