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Into the Gloaming: The complete process of creating fine art photographs

8/10/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Australian fine art photographer Alexia Sinclair is best known for her intense colour photographic collections as The Golden Age or Rococo.

The abundant detail and symbolism in her work are devices that allow her to tell complex stories.This 15 minute short documentary behind-the-scenes show us the secrets and the complete Alexia´s  workflow creating the series Into the gloaminga perfect example of awesome fine art photography.

All you see in this picture, dress and set has been designed and created by Alexia.

If you have not enough, sure you would like to watch how Alexia Sinclair created the picture Lorenzo de' Medici years ago and where she explains in detail his lighting setup.

About Alexia Sinclair:

Sinclair is a creative artist whose practice spans both fine art and commercial application. Her artworks have been exhibited in the Australian Centre for Photography, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra and internationally in photography festivals from Paris to Pingyao, Seoul and Dubai.
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Video and images via Alexia Sinclair

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