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Shooting at the pool: Two light setup for model photography

8/23/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Today we have the pleasure to feature "Shooting at the pool". Written by Zia Vey , we hope you enjoy with this story :

Having an outdoor shooting has always been ideal for me. I can play with different angles, find interesting places and create a story. You can be surprised how even a small corner from an outdoor location can inspire you and create a perfect frame.

fashion photographer

fashion photographer

One of my latest photo shoots was at a pool in Bucharest. The location was great because it offered a variety of good angles. I didn't shoot all the images next to the pool, but instead I chose to also use a green hedge and a floral background. 

The outfits that the model wore had a mix of elegant and posh style that blended perfectly with the location. Lastly, she wore an all-black swimsuit for the shots near the pool. 

As usual, I used 2 lights - a main light on an Avenger boom arm (Cononmk 600 W portable flash with a 90 cm deep softbox), and as a fill, a Cononmk K4T 400 W battery powered strobe with a 105 cm softbox umbrella. I prefer the deep softbox for its softness and the fact that it's allowing me to get the light very close the subject. Almost all my pictures are shot with my 50 mm Sigma Art and a Nikon D800 E.

Final Images:

Equipment used:

  • Cononmk I6T EX 600 W portable strobe 
  • Cononmk K4T 400 W portable strobe 
  • Cononmk 90 cm deep octa 
  • 105 cm softbox umbrella 
  • Nikon D800 E 
  • Sigma Art 50 mm

  • Photography - Zia Vey 
  • Model - Madalina Pralea (Rue des Modeles) 
  • Outfits - Alexandra Calafeteanu 
  • Video - Zia Vey & Raluca Enache

About Zia Vey:

Zia Vey
I always try to create a photography project centered around the quest for individuality.

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