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Z-Man’s Composition Tips: The Key to Capturing Emotion

8/09/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Madonna. Bruce Springsteen. The Who. Joe Montana. Those are just a few of the famous stars photographer Michael Zagaris has photographed. Zargaris or "Z Man" shares his tips on how to get close to your subjects, even if they're famous, and the key to capturing priceless moments.

“Remain engaged. Always be open. Try to see and feel everything and capture it. Shoot what really moves you and shoot what you feel.” - said Z Man to our friend Marc Silber -

Joe Montana and Coach Walsh _Photo Credit: Michael Zagaris print

Z-Man’s Composition Tips:

  • Visualize your image: Make sure your final image is the image you intended to see from the beginning.
  • It’s all about the flow. Photography is like a dance with your subjects.
  • Pay Attention: Subjects, back drop, lens, angles, the environment as a whole.
  • Research shoot (Z-Man studies fashion magazines)
  • Have a visual in mind of what you want photo to look like
  • Embrace your surroundings
  • Immediately asses environment and subject
  • Ask client what they want, how they feel
  • Let them know this photoshoot is just about the two of you. 

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