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Instagram Underwater: 500 portraits under a waterfall cascading

9/10/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This past June on the beach at Cannes Lions, the author of the book " The Unforgettable Photograph", photographer George Lange worked with Instagram to create a studio experience that had a waterfall cascading from the ceiling for him to shoot in.

This is the story that George has written on Vimeo about this behind the scenes video:

When I returned home and was able to see the all the images (over 500 portraits in 3 days) I had to put them all together. Luis Alberto Bittencourt created the soundtrack in Porto - we used a very stripped down version of the composition he made for us - we love how it works with the pictures. 

My favorite editor in the whole world, Anna Wooten pulled all the images and behind the scenes footage then did her magic. Anna describes it as a long climb up a hill, then a fun ride down the other side. My friend Damien Barnes who helps with my work like a guardian angel gave me his blessing.

Thanks to Leica Camera and the beloved Leica SL which we used for these pictures. I have been joking that when people talk about a photograph stealing your soul, that the Leica SL is the first camera I have ever used that really allows you to get in that deep. The files have a whole other layer of depth than any camera I have ever used.

I showed a lot of these pictures to Wendy Snyder MacNeil, my photo teacher from RISD who passed away in July. On our last conversation, 4 days before she died, I wanted to talk about something big and profound. Wendy wanted to talk about that Leica that I used.

Many thanks to: Gene Paek, Mark D’Arcy, Kira Abelardo, Matt Jacobson, Kristopher Dukes, Justine Bailey, Ashley Milardo, Cameron Mercer, Lou Collins, Peter Germond and all of the subjects from all over the world who came in dressed for a meeting and left wearing their soaked clothes like a badge of honor. And to Stephie Lange - who makes every project so much better!

About George Lange:

Hi I'm George Lange and I'm a photographer. Only interested in pictures from the last ten (or next ten) minutes. My work is guided by one simple truth: An unforgettable photograph is not about what the subject looks like, but what it feels like.
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Text, image and video via Lange Studio

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