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Transitions: The violent relationship between humans and Nature showed with 4x5 camera by Helene Schmitz

9/11/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Helene Schmitz, one of Sweden’s most successful art photographers, has developed a unique artistic expression in which the significant features of her artistic practice are always present – a kind of vibrating energy and dynamism, like something lurking beneath the surface – another layer of that which, on the surface, is already frightening. Cover photo by Agnes Stuber

Livingrooms Project 

Kudzu Project

Sunken Garden Project

Images © Helene Schmitz

Photographer and filmmaker Johan StahlbergI made this film about Helen Schmitz as a part of her exhibition at Fotografiska.

About Author:

Helene Schmitz (born 1960) holds a BA diploma from Stockholm University in Film and Art Theory. Schmitz’s artistic practice focuses on the complicated and sometimes violent relationship between humans and Nature which has laid the foundation for several award winning books: Borderlands (2015), Ur regnskogens skugga (2011), System och passion (2007), Blow Up (2003).

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Text, image and video via Johan Stahlberg

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