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Early Impressions of the Canon 5D Mark IV Video Features

9/09/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The Canon 5D Mark IV arrived at Wistia today and it felt like Christmas morning. Trevor and Chris were REALLY excited to get our hands on it and start testing out some of the new video features. 

Early Impressions of the Canon 5D Mark IV Video Features

4K Footage

While the Mark IV does have a full frame sensor (like its predecessor) and can shoot full frame video at 1080p, shooting in 4K mode adds a 1.74x crop. This means all of your lenses will be zoomed in 1.74 times.

This is brutal for trying to get wide-angle shots and for creating shallow depth of field. It makes nearly all of our lenses essentially telephoto lenses. Not to mention, we lose a lot of the shallow depth of field that made me fall in love with the 5D Mark II and Mark III.

Welcome Additions and Upgrades

The Mark IV had some nice little upgrades that didn’t blow us away, but are definite improvements over the Mark III.

  • 120 frames per second slow motion (up from 60fps on the Mark III)
  • Time-lapse mode with intervalometer built-in
  • On-screen headphone volume control
  • Improved resolution LCD screen
  • Older LP-E6 batteries from the 5D Mark II and Mark III still work with the Mark IV

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