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Winter in Cumbria (What I learned from my journey in photography)

1/24/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Winter in Cumbria (What I learned from my journey in photography) Sean Tucker

Photographer Sean Tucker recently took a long weekend to head up to the Lake District in Cumbria. The idea was to just enjoy the scenery and shoot for fun on his Fuji X100 and his iPhone. He also took the time to make this video to share his journey with photography and what he learned about jumping into freelancing, and how he had to struggle through some hard times.

"On a recent photography break to Cumbria I took some time to film a video sharing my story. I wasn't always a photographer. In fact I had a totally different career in my 20's which just didn't work out. So, at 30, I found myself having to start a new career from scratch. I decided it might as well be something I loved and so I took the risk and began at the bottom as a photography freelancer. It wasn't easy, but this video gives you some of lessons I learned, and what to expect if you're thinking of taking a similar leap."

Gear used to film:
  1. Canon 80D with Sigma 18-35mm f1.8
  2. Canon 5Dmkii with Sigma 24mm f1.4
  3. Phantom 3 Standard
  4. GoPro Hero 5

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About Sean Tucker:

Sean Tucker twitter profile image
London based Professional Photographer and Filmmaker . Unsurprisingly, I mostly post nerdy photography stuff.

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