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5 Video and Photo Uses for Foam Board

5/11/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

5 Video and Photo Uses for Foam Board

Today Caleb Pike shows you 5 ways he uses poster board when shooting videos! These cheap poster foam boards are great for lighting modifiers, backgrounds, flags and more!

Black Foam Board ►
White Foam Board ►

Can find these anywhere. Many people have suggested picking them up at dollar stores.

Caleb´s 5 Foam Board Uses:

1. Fill
2. Bounce
3. Flag
4. Background
5. Cookie

About Caleb Pike:

Caleb Pike is a camera operator, editor, and podcaster based in Chicago, IL. His experience branches from documentary and commercial, to film and educational material.

Let's Connect with Caleb: Twitter | Facebook | Website

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