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How to Create Epic Seascapes in Photoshop by Blending Waves

5/16/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How to Create Epic Seascapes in Photoshop by Blending Waves

In this Photoshop tutorial, you'll learn how to blend multiple exposures of waves into an epic seascape.

Images of the ocean are some of my favorites, but often some of the most difficult to capture. - said Greg-

See the full write-up on his blog for more details:

Key segments:

0:00 Intro
1:14 Exporting from Lightroom and stacking in Photoshop
2:53 Aligning the exposures in Photoshop
3:40 Manually aligning the exposures
5:46 Blending the exposures

See his Perspective Warp tutorial to see more of the processing used to create this image.

About Greg Benz:

My goal is not just to create art, but to connect with other photographers to share the vision, tools, and technique behind my work. I don’t believe I’ve ever found a camera that automatically captures the beauty of the world I see, so I use Lightroom, Photoshop, luminosity masking, or HDR for nearly all of my images. Let's Get Connected: Website Twitter | Instagram | Google Plus

Text, image and video via Greg Benz

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