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Take the best WEDDING photograph EVERY time

5/10/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Take the best WEDDING photograph EVERY time

You know that perfect wedding photograph with the confetti, the guests and the married couple laughing and having a great time. Well its simple to get you just have to follow these 10 wedding photography tips.

Wedding photography is definitely a skill and having a few wedding photography tips and tricks up your sleeve can go a long way. With this technique you don't have to worry about getting that important wedding portrait or missing that perfect wedding photography moment. Just set it up, get the settings right and you are good to got. This wedding confetti photo is always a favourite and is almost guaranteed to become someones Facebook cover which is always great for you wedding photography business.

At the end of the video you will see a fun wedding photography behind the scenes of me actually taking the photo. this shows some great wedding photography techniques for professional photographers.

This day was really overcast but do the same on a clear day and this wedding photo will be even better, I still LOVE this style of wedding photography as its filled with energy, emotion and really conveys the story of this being the happiest moment of all.

Here are the 10 Wedding photography tips to get this awesome wedding event photograph.

1. DSLR Camera

2. Wide Angle Lens

3. F8

4. Fast Shutter (1/250th or faster)

5. Burst Mode

6. Prep the Bride and Groom

7. Prep the wedding guests

8. Confetti Over not AT

9. Get Low

10. Take the best wedding photograph every time

Music: Jeff Kaal

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