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Turn Your Photographic Vision Inside Out. Train Your Creativity.

7/15/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Turn Your Photographic Vision Inside Out. Train Your Creativity.

Of course, many of you tried to photograph something using scanner. But how far did you go in your creative search? Scanning one object is easy, but complex compositions are much more complicated. Koldunov Brothers encourage you to remember the old days and use your imagination, making macro photos, still lifes with plants, experiments with the illusion of levitation, beautiful black background, tiny depth of field, rainbow reflections in lenses and other scenes to which your imagination will lead you.

This process has advantages (you do not need a tripod, you do not need to place lighting equipment and do not need a lot of free space), but there are also complications: you do everything backwards, not looking through the camera but at it. A look from an unusual point can very well train your creativity.

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