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The world’s smallest studio light: Discover the Profoto A1

9/19/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Profoto A1

“Here at Profoto we took everything we learned through the years, making some of the best studio lights and flashes in the world – and made it smaller.” Discover the Profoto A1. With the world’s smallest studio light – the world is now your studio.

Profoto loaned Daniel Norton a prototype A1 flash to put it to the test in a real world shoot. He called a few friends and hung out in Brooklyn on cloudy afternoon and mad this video. Enjoy! Check out some of the full size images on his Facebook page

Canadian Two Mann Studios brought the Profoto A1 to the middle of an epic wedding dance floor.

One great city, four incredible locations and four remarkable images. Watch the behind the scenes film of Sal Cincotta, wedding photographer extraordinaire, putting the new Profoto A1 to the test. For the first time, natural and beautiful light is available on-camera. If the A1 can make it here – it can make it anywhere.

New Jersey based Vanessa Joy creates natural light with the Profoto A1 at a dreamy wedding venue.

London based Fine Art photographer Bella Kotak creates fairytale inspired portraits with the Profoto A1.

German photographer Marie Bärsch tests the Profoto A1 in the harsh sun in Matera, in southern Italy.

What do you think about the new Profoto on-camera flash with a final price of $995.00?

Text, image and video via Daniel Norton Photographer and Profoto

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