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Apple iPhone X - FIRST LOOK and field test (with Chase Jarvis)

10/31/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Apple iPhone X - FIRST LOOK and field test (with Chase Jarvis)

Just a few hours ago, Chase Jarvis got the new Apple iPhone X  before it releases to the world at the end of the week:

It’s true - lucky me ;) - said Chase-

With just a couple hours of daylight after I got the phone, I scrambled to capture a few photos and videos and then smashed together a quick video edit to share with you a behind the scenes look at my first experiences with iPhone X. Everything in this video is shot with the new iPhone cameras/technology.

Admittedly, the above video is really just a vignette.  It’s a quick peek into the first few hours after I got the phone, along with a handful of photos and videos made on the fly. 

See some of his initial photos & thoughts on the camera over at the CreativeLive blog:

About Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis is well known as a visionary photographer, fine artist and entrepreneur. Chase is cited as one of the most influential photographers of the past decade. As an entrepreneur, Chase created Best Camera - the world's first mobile photo app to share images direct to social networks - sparking the global photo sharing craze. He is currently the founder & CEO of CreativeLive, the world's largest live-streaming online education company, having delivered more than a billion minutes of free live education worldwide. Let's Get Connected:

Text, image and video via Chase Jarvis

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