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Drone lapse techniques: The making of Korean Mirrorworld

11/01/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

drone timelapse

When Rufus Blackwell looked at his career as a VFX artist in the UK, he saw untapped potential just waiting for an opportunity. After relocating to Vietnam, his profession and passion came together in the form of timelapse photography.

Using the Osmo and Inspire 2, adding his VFX skills, and bending the nature of time, Blackwell created award-winning videos of unimaginable scale and beauty.

Korean Mirrorworld

"It is an experimental piece combining some really fun drone lapse techniques, with a simple mirroring effect. However some shots I took it to the next level by creating camera moves in the post production process, blurring the line between what was shot and the final drone sequences.” - said Rufus Blackwell-

Saigon Hyperlapse

Saigon, known for its French colonial architecture and its bustling streets is a beauty to behold, a rush to experience and a treasure to capture. With the Osmo, you can lose yourself in the moment yet capture it effortlessly thanks to its awesomely stable gimbal and tack-sharp camera. Do it with a hyperlapse to show that the sight of the city is so alive that it warps time.

About Rufus Blackwell:

Rufus is a Photographer and Visual Effects Artist. Drawing on both these skills, he has spent recent years developing a number of new techniques for shooting time-lapse photography.

Rufus was trained at Rushes Post Production, one of London’s leading VFX houses. He then moved to Malaysia working for a boutique VFX house in Kuala Lumpur. While in Malaysia he realised the potential for Digital VFX Based Time-Lapse Photography.

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