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10 Lighting Setups with One Light

11/19/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

All you need is one light TUTORIAL BTS

In this video, Brett Seeley shows you the behind the scenes BTS of a photoshoot using only one single light. You'll see a single strobe being used in different positions- and you'll see the unedited images from each light setup as well.

This isn't filled with a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo-- as I'm NOT a technical shooter. I learn best from seeing, then doing.  - said Brett -

10 Lighting Setups with One Light

Please feel free to ask any questions on his YouTube Channel  and check out examples of his work on his Instagram: Seeleyfoto

Photographer Brett Seeley:

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Text, image and video via Brett Seeley (via Michael Sasser)

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