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5 essential apps for astrophotography (taking photos of the milkyway!)

5/09/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

5 essential apps for astrophotography (taking photos of the milkyway!)

This week, photographer Mike Smith will show you 5 essential apps for astrophotography. He uses these all the time from planning a photography night out through to when he is under the stars taking photos. They come in handy right through the process.

Mike explains every single app on his YouTube Channel:

Accuweather app:  is a great weather app and you should be able to predict when the skies will clear and be full of stars for the night.

Clear outside app is fantastic for that more detailed, localized forecast as well as giving you info on the lunar cycles and boatel classification.

Photopills is a photography classic! It is a paid app but in my opinion, it is well worth the small investment...this will help your photography in well as helping your astrophotography.

Here's  his Photopills tutorial

Plume app is a great app to check the air quality...hopefully the atmosphere isn't too thick so you can see the starts to photograph them!!

Sky View app is a brilliant app for learning all about the stars that are in the skies above will show you where the constellations are, what stars are planets and where the satellites are in the sky.

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About Mike Smith:
My Name is Mike Smith and I am a professional photographer and videographer. I have been a photographer since the mid 90's back when film was all the rage and I have been making short films and videos since 2008. Let's Get Connected: |  Facebook Twitter | Instagram

Text, image and videos via Mike Smith

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