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MUST WATCH: The Correct Way to Hold a Camera

7/03/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 3 Comments

MUST WATCH: The Correct Way to Hold a Camera

Dani Diamond is gonna show you a new way to hold your camera with only one hand. It may seem crazy and not normal at first you tried. A couple times and he guarantees you're gonna be doing this at all times.

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About Dani Diamond :

Just another dude with a camera who calls himself a photographer. Let's Get Connected: | My full retouching tutorial with RGGEDU -

Text, image and video via Dani Diamond

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Anonymous said...

sure ... if your hands are large enough

So this depends on your hands being big enough to reach the button.

Also where is the other hand helping prevent camera shake? How are you using the other features of the camera? I guess it could work if you shoot in auto mode but why how you got aDSLR if you are shooting auto?

feH said...

Sorry but seems more like an act for cirque du soleil.