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Mastering One Light: 3 Lights, 4 Looks, 1 Setup by Ab Sesay

9/06/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


One light photography techniques are the first thing a photographer transitioning into using studio lights should learn. These techniques can later be combined into creating a combined lighting look.

In this video, you will go on set with photographer Ab Sesay as he walks you through three one-light setups using a Profoto 3x4 Softbox, Profoto Deep XL Silver Umbrella, and Profoto Tele-zoom Reflector. 

He then combines the use of all these light shapers into a single lighting look. All the looks can be used for both fashion and beauty images. He shows the benefits of using a Sekonic light meter to get all the different lighting setups dialed in, as well a color checker to make sure all the colors stay consistent. He also demonstrates the benefits of the new Profoto Air Remote to easily navigate each lighting setup.

Ab Sesay also discusses some best practices, such as the type of light stand and grip he recommends using.

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