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Get the Perfect Rolling Shot - Tips From Moe Zainal´s Recent AMG GT3 Shoot

2/04/2023 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this video, Moe Zainal shares his experience shooting the Mercedes AMG GT3 on the Bahrain International circuit. Moe describes the adrenaline rush he felt during the shoot. He also gives an overview of the gear he uses, including his camera (a Sony A7IV), lens (24-105 F4), fast SD card, and ND filter. Moe mentions that he took over 2,000 photos during the shoot and discusses some of the challenges he faced, such as getting shaky shots due to the g-force during turns. The author also touches on his post-processing workflow in Lightroom and mentions his rating system. 

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Moe Zainal - Official collaborator card: 

Moe Zainal is an Automotive Photographer & a Digital Marketing Hero from the little island - Bahrain. Captivating Carreras. Alluring Audis. Photographically capturing vehicles in still frames is an acquired taste.
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