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Crafting the Perfect Interview Look with a DIY Giant 6x6 Softbox

11/25/2023 Matt 0 Comments


It's time to shift the focus to the art of setting up and capturing the perfect interview. Matt Porwoll takes us on a journey through the process of scouting the location, framing the camera, and strategically lighting the scene for a compelling visual narrative.

Crafting the perfect interview look involves a delicate balance of technical expertise and creative intuition. Matt emphasizes the subjectivity of the process, encouraging fellow storytellers to explore options and align the visual narrative with the story's intent. 

The journey through location scouting, framing, and lighting unveils a plethora of possibilities, inviting cinematographers to experiment and refine their craft in pursuit of cinematic excellence.

It's worth noting that the principles shared in this cinematic journey are not confined to video production alone; they seamlessly transcend into the realm of portrait photography. 

Image and video via Matt Porwoll Cinematography