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Does DELETING Photos This Way DAMAGE Your Camera?

1/17/2024 Matt 1 Comments


In this week's episode, the discussion revolves around the potential damage to cameras when deleting photos. The unexpected controversy surrounding the act of deleting photos from an SD card is explored, revealing a variety of methods to achieve this task. 

Throughout the years, four distinct approaches have emerged, and it seems that all photographers adopt one of these methods for transferring and deleting their photos, as discussed in the video. However, one particular approach stands out as the optimal, safest, and most convenient method, and it takes center stage in the video's discussion. For those curious about the best practices for saving and deleting photos, this video provides valuable insights. 

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Anonymous said...

Should you save photos on sd card or format. If you format, how many times can the sd card be reformatted before it is no longer save to use in your camera?