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What is the Best Leica camera for Beginners?

4/02/2024 Matt 0 Comments


Not a week goes by without someone asking Mattias Burling what camera they should buy, and very often, they are beginners purchasing their first camera. Also, quite often, they specify it being a Leica camera. Mattias believes the answer is the M8.

Firstly, price is a significant factor. Even with a healthy budget, beginners might need to exclude certain models. Secondly, the choice between digital or film is crucial. Film Leica prices have risen significantly, so beginners might lean towards digital. Thirdly, while Panasonic cameras with a Leica badge are excellent, they are excluded from this discussion.

Fourthly, Mattias discusses the importance of the rangefinder experience. Leica is synonymous with mechanical rangefinders, which provide a unique shooting experience. Finally, after considering all factors, Mattias believes the M8 is the best choice for beginners. Despite its potential challenges, the M8 was Mattias's first digital camera, which led him down the path of professional photography.

In conclusion, Mattias emphasizes the importance of choosing a camera that feels right for the user. The M8, with its combination of affordability, rangefinder experience, and personal significance to Mattias, stands out as the best Leica camera for beginners.

Image and video via Mattias Burling