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Joseph Cultice shoots for The LA PHOTO SCHOOL

5/29/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Joseph Cultice began his photography career in Phoenix, Arizona, where he was inspired by his love of rock'n roll and pop icons like KISS and David Bowie. He moved to New York City in 1990 and immediately began making an international name for himself as one of the few leading music photographers whose wide range of talents allowed him to cross over into the celebrity and fashion fields.

Cultice's fashion work has been singled out by the annual 2001 Art Director's Young Guns exhibit, featuring one of his most recent stories. Joseph Cultice is also an accomplished video director with a best-selling full length video release feature under his belt, Marilyn Manson's documentary "Dead to the World".

Joseph Cultice is a professional photographers teaching you all his secrets in one day !!

To read more visit The LA PHOTO SCHOOL´s website and blog.

And do not forget visit the Joseph Cultice´s website (Specials * Proyects), cool.

And interview and some pictures from Flickr:


Simon Collins color publicity #1 photo credit Joseph Cultice

Joseph cultice HQ 07

Joseph Cultice-02.06 (2)

Joseph cultice HQ 04

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