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Using Phase One, 3 of 3: Shooting on location, UrbEx fashion

6/12/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This video goes behind the scenes at a shoot by Miss Aniela taking place in an abandoned building in rural Kent, UK. This was a fashion shoot using the costumes of a London fashion designer along with a model and hair/make-up stylist.

The shoot was done with a Phase One 645DF and P40+ back, 75 - 150mm lens, along with a Photoflex TritonFlash kit with small octodome. The video highlights the benefits of using top quality photography gear that is also perfectly adapted to shooting on location in this environment.

The video also takes a quick look at the processing workflow, from original image out of camera, through to TIFF output from Capture One Pro and adjustments in Photoshop. It ends with editorial spreads produced from the final range of images.

See images and more write-up on Miss Aniela's blog:

Photography and styling by Miss Aniela
Assistant: Matt Lennard
Costumes: Ara Jo
Model: Samantha Jane
Hair & make-up: Hellie Last

Thanks to Phase One and Photoflex