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31K Portraits for Peace Project by Diego Huerta

7/26/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

We are taking 31,000 portraits in Mexico and in the most important cities in the US. Our job is to take 31,000 portraits and counteract the negative effect that more than 31,000 deaths in Mexico have left in society.

In order to do this, we will travel to the 32 states in Mexico and the most important states in the US: New York, California, Florida, Washington and Texas. Our job is to take 31,000 portraits of people that wish peace with a dove named "La Huasteca" in their hands.

During the time we take the portraits, we also plan to intervene the most violent streets and cities in Mexico. "Urban Intervention" is the printing and installing of 2,000 portraits. Each portrait is 1.35x2.50m and 100 are installed in each city considered as "violent" by media and by research. Each portrait reads "La Paz Comienza Creyendo" which means "Peace Starts by Believing". We have done this once. We want to do this, 19 additional times.

by and Diego Huerta