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How to do a Jurasic Park Photo Shoot

7/11/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

With the second season of Jurassic Lounge nearly upon us, we thought we'd ask Carnival Studio back to photograph and design a rad poster for the Winter run.

We decided to shoot this one in the Australian Museum as well. We waited patiently as the last visitors for the day exited through the gift shop, before taking over the atrium. A makeshift photo studio was quickly put together under the bemused but impassive gaze of taxidermied Australian mammals.

Our models are a stylish bunch, so we let them use their own clothes. They also do their own make-up. Kids these days, so DIY. We're pretty DIY too. For example, one of the stars of the poster, the indomitable Roxanne, was a Jurassic Lounge volunteer we casually promoted to superstar. (So dudes, volunteer with us, you never know where it might lead...!).

by Jurassic Lounge