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Shooting with flour X-System

9/13/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

On the occasion of the 50th Series had something special today after asking me a lot, shoot a flour. The idea is not new and is also not mine, but the image results are quite impressive and I must say this gigantic mess was worth it.

A few more details about the colors I wanted to make as compatible as possible for dei models and have used only natural colors: spinach powder, beetroot powder and ultramarine chalk ( ) Except for the ultramarine the flour, however, was only very weakly stained. Nevertheless, I would do it again so as long as the flour has only a color cast, it is easily possible to adjust the image processing, the desired color.

The flash system again came the new X-System of multiple flash is used, which due to its short flash duration to freeze the flour is perfect clouds in the air.

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Thanks to my team:
Ansissa models, Kathrin and Linda
Linda was also a perfect make-up artist and hair stylist
Tina Blank an der Videokamera und meine beiden Assistenten und Mehlwerfer Alexander Herber ( und Waldemar Ewert (​

by Alexander Heinrichs