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REVIEW: Lighting For Real Estate Photography by Scott Hargis

1/30/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this short video, Scott Hargis takes you "inside the lens" of his camera while composing interiors photos

This 28-part video series is almost 4 hours in total run time and details the techniques used by Scott Hargis to shoot real estate interiors using small speedlights and minimal or ZERO post-processing.

The series starts out very simple, and progresses through more difficult and complex shots, including techniques for completely altering the existing light in a space when it doesn't suit your vision or isn't flattering to the room. Additional episodes focus on specific techniques or problem-solving, equipment choices, and strategies for planning large complex shoots.

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Scott Hargis is a renowned architectural photographer, with an extensive career. He will teach you all their secrets to get amazing pictures on camera, not photoshop.

Scott always has a little trick for every situation (window exposures, reflection issues, kitchens, bathrooms), for each problem, product of years of experience. 
His specific lighting techniques includes the use of multiple flashes to get the right light for every situation, for every major room type.

After seeing his video tutorial  I can only say that I recommend it 100%. The price,  $175.00.  If you are a new real state photographer, or even an expert professional,  it is money well spent that will save you much time.

"Lighting For Real Estate Photography" video series available at