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New Lensbaby EDGE 80 OPTIC and Portrait Photography: Behind the Scenes with Fritz Liedtke

2/15/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Lensbaby goes behind the scenes with commercial and fine art photographer Fritz Liedtke to see how he uses the Composer Pro and Edge 80 Optic in his work.

The Edge 80 Optic is an 80mm f/2.8 flat field of focus optic with a 12-blade adjustable aperture and is perfect for portraits. To use on your camera, Edge 80 must be used in a Lensbaby lens body. Compatible lens bodies include Composer Pro, Composer, Muse, Control Freak, and Scout.

When tilted, Edge 80 delivers a slice of tack sharp focus through the image, bordered by a soft blur. When pointed straight ahead the Edge 80 can be used just like a high-quality straight lens.

Incredibly versatile, Edge 80 can also be used to great effect in any situation that lends itself to selective focus – from food photography to giving landscapes a “miniature” appearance. To better understand how tilt, aperture, and focus affect your slice, visit the Edge 80 hub.


Focal Length: 80mm
12-blade adjustable aperture
Aperture range: f/2.8 - f/22
Flat field of focus optic (when tilted, creates a slice of sharp focus, bordered by blur)
Compatible with Lensbaby Composer Pro, Composer, Muse, Scout and Control Freak lens bodies*
Minimum focusing distance: approximately 17” when the optic is extended forward in close focus mode and fully tilted
Maximum focusing distance: Infinity
5 multi-coated glass elements, in 4 groups
46mm front threads (will only work with the Lensbaby Macro Converters and not the 37mm Lensbaby Accessories)*
*Not compatible with the Composer with Tilt Transformer or current 37mm Lensbaby accessories

Lensbaby Edge 80 | Mandy Lynne
Lensbaby Edge 80 | Fritz Liedtke/
Lensbaby Edge 80 | Fritz Liedtke/

Complete photo gallery with Lensbaby Edge 80: here

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