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"Wet strobist" with Sport photographer Pete Webb | PART II

2/21/2012 Matt 0 Comments

©Pete Webb
Maybe you wanna know how to strobist like Sport Photographer Pete Webb to get incredible pictures like this, then read more.
©Pete Webb
©Pete Webb

©Pete Webb

 A few posts ago we wrote about how Sport Photographer Pete Webb did strobist using a Canon 5d mk2 with a PocketWizard tt1 flash transmitter inside a custom housing and a flash inside other waterproof bag.

Pete sends us more information about this technique and cool project that we call "wet strobist":

1. I wanted enough room in the top of the housing for me to use my Pocket Wizard mini TT1 transmitter, so I can shoot with ttl wireless flash when I'm on the surface of the water.

2. I asked for a port on the side to allow me to access the usb and sync ports on the side of the camera. this allows me to undo just two screws to download the camera, or if I'm in a pool I have a special port cover with a usb and sync lead built in so I can shoot tethered and fire external flash in the pool or underwater.

With the 4º Sea swimmers I used the housing with the side port sealed off and just the Mini TT1 on the camera hot shoe. I put the  canon ex580 flash, with pocket wizard Flex TT5 and quantumn battery in an Auqapac large electronic bag. This is a great solution as these bags are useful for many things not just putting a flash in. 

I asked another swimmer to swim with the flash at 90º to my position to give a side light. Then we all went for a synchronised swim! I was able to still touch the sea bed so as the waves came and went we swim or hopped. The images shot here were and 8gig card full and this took about 30mins to shoot. We originally planned to shoot again the following week in another location but as yet we've not all been able to get together.