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Photographer Steven Baillie ‘The Purveyor’: Learn more about "The Model Hunter"

4/19/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

So who is the lucky guy who gets to scour the globe looking for the world’s next supermodel?

Steven Baillie earned the title ‘The Purveyor’ while working for modeling agencies and various magazines, including GQ, Complex, and Playboy, traveling to dangerous and exotic countries searching for brand new “it” girls.

Known throughout the fashion world for his exquisite taste and discerning eye for raw, natural beauty, Steven is also infamous for going to great lengths to find these fresh faces.

Whether it’s the barrios of Brazil or the mean streets of the Gaza strip (he has even been kidnapped on one occasion), he will stop at nothing to find the right girl.

© Steven Baillie |  Raica New town 2011
© Steven Baillie | Lauren Young Newtown 2007
© Steven Baillie | Paola Guerrero Upstate 2005

© Steven Baillie | Kelly Miami 2007

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