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UPDATE: How to do a DIY Portable 300 LEDS Pannel for Photography

5/03/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 3 Comments

UPDATE (05/02/2012)

Our friend Jorge Karras sends us information about how to do this chip DIY Portable Pannel:

1ยบ: You need 5M 300LEDS 5050 SMD Cool White Waterproof Lights Strips with  Power Supply

You can cut the strips every 3 leds

300LEDS 5050 SMD with  Power Supply  ($41.45)
SMD5050 is 3 times brighter than SMD3528  8 (via )
Image via

Power Cord wiev

DIY DC 12V 8A Dimmer Control For LED Light And Strip ( US $9.45)
High temperature silicone rubber Sheet ( I have not price)

More information about SMD 5050 and SMD3528: here

You can found this items via Ebay (except the silicone rubber Sheet

by jorge karras


Anonymous said...

DIY but no information on how to make it?

We have more information about how to do it. I will update tomorrow.

Drew Pearson said...

Definitely looking forward to some DIY instructions, what a cool idea! I bet you could use some other 3M sticky stuff so you could apply a panel like this to a wall for indoor portraits.