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The Silence of Dogs in Cars: Portraits of dogs looking out of car windows by Martin Usborne

5/01/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

 A 2 minute video explaining the thinking behind this photographic project - images of dogs looking out of car windows often in the dead of night.

 “I was once left in a car at a young age,” he says. “I don’t know when or where or for how long. Possibly it was at the age of four. Perhaps it was outside Tesco’s. Probably for fifteen minutes only. The details don’t matter. The point is that I wondered if anyone would come back: in a child’s mind it is possible to be alone forever.”

The camera is the perfect tool for capturing a sense of silence and longing,” Usborne says. “The silence freezes the shutter forever and two layers of glass are placed between the viewer and the viewed: the glass of the lens, the glass of the picture frame and, in this instance, the glass of the car window further isolates the animal. The dog is truly trapped.” ( text via

 Behind the scenes:

Martin uses a large format 5x4 film camera

More inspiration: website | blog

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