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Ira Lee and Thavius Beck presents: 'The photographer' Song

7/23/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

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The photographer
Because theirs a world you wouldn't see, if I didn't hold it still for you.
Fear is a darkroom, where the negatives develop.
Don't be sacred of your story, tell it.
A picture is the truth, naked.
That means anything, and everything, or nothing.
Whatever you make it.
Stabilize so that the bokeh pops, when it feels like the composition of real life is just a little bit off.
Sometimes your shit is just gonna suck,
until you learn how to stand in front of more interesting stuff.
The perfect shot will never be yours, unlike a painter you're starting with something finished and working backwards.
Professionally, there's a certain methodology to it.
Never pull your tool out, until you're ready to use it.
Craftsmanship. Steady on the banana. I'm not afraid to die If I can bring my camera.
The power of the polaroid destroys all facade. The director of photography has a bigger d*** than god.
Hard - to the - core, are the colors of my visual score. Feels like I'm screaming louder than ever before.
You see the world in this picture. I made it. Cropped and cleaned, and balanced, and graded it.
Come with me, I'll make you star. Said the man with the red line on his DSLR.
Addicted to the sound of the flash, and the lines, and the curves, and the cold, hard, cash.
Don't you know owning a camera doesn't make you a photographer, it makes you a camera owner.
Word to the wise. Nikon makes the best lenses, Canon makes the best compromise.
But they don't work with each other. So it's more important to click with people, than to click the shutter.


Starting with something finished and working backwards'
'The Photographer'
Directed by Ira Lee and Serafima Skibyuk
Cinematography by Serafima Skibyuk
Produced and mixed by Thavius Beck
Shot in Regina / SK, Victoria /BC (Canada) and New York, New York (US)
Special thank you to Ruth Hoffart, Slava Skibyuk, Lada Timoshina and Thavius Beck!



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I like this one better :P!/search/song?q=Grit+Laskin+The+Photographers
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