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London Olympics 2012 street photographer shooting in 8mm B&W film Kodak type 7363

7/30/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

I met this quirky character who decided to film the London Olympics 2012 Women Cycling Race, Putney in black and white film!

 Edward Nowill was shooting the road race in 8mm black and white which he adapted from a Kodak type 7363 standard 8 (R8) format, he specialises in reperforated 16mm RAW film using his own technique from the top of his home made yellow trailer attached to his bike !

Edward's aim is to make available in small quantities film stocks which are not normally available as 8mm. This has proved to be quite popular both with private customers and with commercial concerns.

 It is his ambition to make available any 16mm acetate based film as regular 8mm.


NOTE: Edward Nowill (in the UK) owns one of the last three regular 8mm perforating machines in the world, and he can reperforate double edge perforated 16mm film, as well as 16mm unperforated film. He is a few weeks away from getting his professional 35mm-->16mm slitter up and running, and after that, he will be able to turn anything available in 35mm long rolls into Double 8mm film.( via nickrapak )