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Behind the Scenes with Nikon D800 HD-SLR: "One Camera: Two Perspectives"

8/14/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Go behind-the-scenes with world-class professional photographer, Kristian Bogner and award-winning cinematographer, Kirk Neff, for the making of the video, "Nikon D800 HD-SLR - One Camera: Two Perspectives." The video, shot entirely with the Nikon D800 HD-SLR, was filmed over two days in Canmore, Alberta. Catch a glimpse of Kirk and Kristian in action as they demonstrate how they took the Nikon D800 HD-SLR to the extreme to catch amazing stills and videos.

In part two of the behind-the-scenes "Nikon D800 HD-SLR - One Camera: Two Perspectives" video, award-winning cinematographer, Kirk Neff, and world-class professional photographer, Kristian Bogner, provide viewers with a glimpse into day two of their "Project Epic" excursion while in Alberta. In the video watch as Kristian and Kirk share their experiences with the Nikon D800 HD-SLR camera and explain how they were able to capture some great Canadian athletes in action.