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In no time project: Six months visiting the site up Three times a day to photograph it by Tony Ellwoods

9/24/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The project:

The project relates to our perception and awareness of the passing of time, I developed the technique over a period of 18 months and spent six months visiting the site up to 3 times a day to photograph it.

The images are constructed within a 5x4 camera, captured over extended periods of time, using a series of multiple exposures, ranging from seconds to hours.

Each picture is therefore an amalgam of realities, each layer blending with the other to form the final image.

The location used within the work, is a place I visit to think, for inspiration or to escape the world for a while.

In No Time is a reference to the phrase  "In no time at all".


The photographer:

Tony Ellwood was born in Muenster, Germany in 1967.

After a 6 month trip around Asia in 1994, he discovered photography as a hobby.

While living in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1996, he began assisting several professional photographers. 

He moved to Brasilia, Brazil in 1997, where he freelanced for several  publications, newspapers and agencies, such as "Classe A" and "Trilhas" magazine.

After his return to the UK in 2000, he continued to work as a freelancer. At the same time he successfully completed a BA hons in Editorial Photography at the University of Brighton.

Since then,Ellwood has participated in and helped curate several solo and group shows of his work.

His pictures have been featured in publications such as “Creative Review” and “Financial Times” (UK) as well as L'Echo (Belgium).

He currently resides in London, UK.

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