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Photojournalist Amanda Mustard uses a GoPro to give a POV of her job during US Embassy Protests in Cairo (Egypt)

9/20/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 4 Comments

GoPro footage of the protests and clashes that stirred up outside of the US Embassy after an Anti-Islamic film went viral.

These clips are from three of these days, closing with the morning of 15 September, when police clamped down on the uprising with force by destroying all stalls and tents in Tahrir Square and arresting scores of protestors.

Equipment: GoPro 2 mounted on a Canon DMarkII DSLR, 24-70mm 2.8 lens.

Wall Street Journal: Protests Put US-Egypt Relations on Edge

Copyright Amanda Mustard 2012

About Amanda:

Self-taught photojournalist raised on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania with a fondness for film scores, pomegranates, and tattoos.

    I am a vagabond, a photographer, and a storyteller. I believe in the value of bearing witness, and strive to capture humanity at its best and worst, most simple and complex. I dig the deep into each project with 100% heart and mind, and cultivate solid, lasting relationships with those I work with. The camera is my tool to educate, discover, inspire, and change.


Anonymous said...

Her job, not his.

Oooops!!! I am sorry.

PMG India said...

great job.

Just threw another POV video up from the 12 Oct clashes...check it out!

I'll be making these videos regularly to give people an honest ground-level view of the protests.