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'Shape the Light' techniques with Urs Recher ( even light painting)

9/12/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Get an in depth look into the world of flash photography techniques with broncolor's Urs Recher.

Transcontinenta (importer of broncolor equipment in the Netherlands) was so kind to lend us two Carl Zeiss lenses to try out while we were filming.

We really loved the optical and physical quality of these lenses and can't wait to own a few of our own!

© Urs Recher

The studio was very dark, so we filmed at high ISO settings (at times even 3200) and the aperture of the wonderful Zeiss lenses wide open.

In this video you have more information about the  lights setup:

 Urs Recher is professional photographer and staff member of broncolor since many years. His large experience is well-known by photographers and customers. He released the book "Light Architecture" with many examples of application and set up using the broncolor light.

Lighting Seminar with Urs Recher in Spain:

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