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Wedding photographer Moshe Zusman Explains How to Get Perfect Light in Any Location

9/01/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The weather is warm and there's a faint smell of cake in the air, which can only mean one season is here! But are you prepared? Does this sound familiar: You can create cool getting ready photos in your sleep. Shooting the ceremony is a piece of cake. You're producing portraits that are out of this world. But then you get to the reception and it's dark. REALLY, REALLY DARK. So you settle for bright white faces and backgrounds with no detail.

You have no choice but to crank the ISO, blast away with your flash, and hope for the best, right? Absolutely, not. There's a better way! Come learn the technique behind creating beautiful, even light in any location. Moshe Zusman will help you demystify the dreaded dark reception venue, so you can get the shots you want—every time!

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