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Fearless Jaleel King: From Shot & Paralyzed to Professional Photographer

10/04/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

When King was just eight years old, he almost died when an angry neighbor shot him with a sawed-off shotgun. He now is a successful professional photographer.

I am in a committed relationship with Chocolate Cheesecake,  Häagen-Dazs Green Tea ice cream, Sushi, Manga, and Anime; not in that order. As a tech geek,  I first went to school to study computers, but felt art was my passion, so I enrolled in The Art Institute to pursue a career in video production. During each of these journeys it was photography that stood by me and it was photography that had my heart.

In my free time, I’m a railroader, tech junky, motivator, teacher, and gamer; among other things. As a wheelchair user since age 8, I am photographer who has a different a perspective on how I visually see life. Allowing me to never accept the whys as excuses and going for why nots as the challenges in order to overcome to them, as seen in my work. I was led into a world that is beautiful and challenging at the same time! A world filled with raw emotion and randomness that make each moment and click of the shutter so UNIQUE!

Based in Philadelphia, PA but have wheels, so willing and able to travel to where you need me. I’m a fun loving, happy photographer for fun loving, happy people! I look forward to capturing the special moments that will bring memories and joy for a lifetime and beyond!

More Inspiration: Jaleel King´s website

Just wanted to share a video my friend Mike Allebach of made of me. Hope you enjoy and please do share it!

Thanks Jaleel