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"For The Love of It" Portrait Project: Photoshoot with World Renowned Magician and Professional Escape Artist Scott Hammell by Jonathan Bielaski

10/31/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


The incredible photographer Jonathan Bielaski and Gabriela Soares is a full-time freelance makeup and hair artist  have embarked on a blog project entitled “For The Love Of It” (

What is it?
This is a blog about people who have a tremendous passion for what they do. Every week we profile a new person and put up a photo and story about who they are, how they got there and why they love what they do.

How Does It Work?
Jonathan takes a portrait of the featured person in their element doing what they do best. I interview them to discover how they got there and why they love their career. We put the interview and the photograph together to create a biography of that person.

How Often Do You Do This?
We are aiming for one portrait per week for an entire year. After the year is over, we want to have an art exhibit to display the portraits of all the incredible people that we have had the priviledge to meet along the way.

How Do I Get Involved?
Contact me at or at and they will see what they can do!


Scott Hammell has been entertaining professionally since 1998. He started his career by performing at birthday parties. As Scott’s abilities as an entertainer grew quickly, word spread and he began performing for audiences of over 1000 people after being in business only two years. In school, Scott was known for his magic and encouragement from his peers led him to the idea of performing as a permanent career. Scott’s talent soon took him across the country and even down to Barbados to perform.

“At the age of 18, Scott set a Guinness world record for the “World’s Highest Suspension Straight Jacket Escape.”

Jonathan Bielaski’s photo

Environmental portraiture captures the essence of a subject in its natural habitat. Every one of Jonathan Bielaski’s photos tell a story of a person’s journey. The focus is greater than the person – it’s the reality of who they are at this time in their life – the background reflecting their personality.

Sometimes all you have is one shot to tell a story. It develops before your eyes in Jonathan’s photos.
Get more inspiration, visit the blog ( Jonathan has incredible portraits)

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