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The Making-of Unlock the 007 in you: New Coke Zero Commercial

10/20/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 4 Comments

The hero of our new Coke Zero campaign has a mission, to get the girl of his dreams against all odds, fired on by Coke Zero and one of the most emblematic of the James Bond icons, 'The James Bond Theme' music.

When he drinks Coke Zero, he unlocks the 007 in himself and immediately hums the 'James Bond Theme'. It inspires him to push the boundaries and live with the confidence and drive like 007, demonstrating the belief that there is a little Bond in all of us.

The making of:

Cool footage from behind the scenes of the Coke Zero tv shoot. See the actors, the crew and check out how the stunts were done-including the spectacular scene of the car 'flying' through the chicken lorry...



Pelayo said...

Anybody knows where is that spot filmed?

Unknown said...

Prague, Czech Republic

Yes, it is Prague.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know which version of James Bond theme ( in making-0f ) is ?